06 Apr

Who Are We? GLP!


The Gifted Learning Program with Wilson Youth United – The SPOT is in it’s first year of existence.  A glaring need was recognized within The SPOT program offerings. At The SPOT much needed attention is given to struggling students to improve their academic performance and eventually excel.  However, less attention has been given to the other end of the spectrum.

The Gifted Learning Program (G.L.P.) has been designed to identify and reward SPOT members performing exceptionally well, and expose them to more advanced STEM related activities beyond their grade level to expand their minds and their horizons.

These students must meet three demanding criteria.

Academics – GLP members must have a minimum A/B Honor Roll to enter the program. While in the program they must maintain A/B Honor Roll.  A grade of C places them on probation requiring the grade to be elevated by the following grading period.

Behavior – GLP members are recognized with exemplary behavior while at The SPOT. Instructors nominate candidates who demonstrate outstanding behavior, courtesy, and willingness to help others.

Personality – A GLP member demonstrates a maturity extending beyond their age. They have the ability to focus and overcome obstacles to see tasks through to completion.

16 Mar


Welcome…Welcome… To the brand new Gifted Learning Program website. Here you will find the latest on what the GLP group has been up to.  The Members Only section is for SPOT Gifted Learning Kids to find detailed information on Missions in progress, upcoming Missions, and the latest news.